in partnership with Advisory S.r.l.s

In the sustainability path of companies, KT&Partners collaborates through a partnership with ADvisory S.r.l.s., a strategic consultancy company for companies, specialized in the issues of Governance, Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

A sustainable growth path, with the adoption of corporate initiatives and practices linked to international best practices and ESG areas, leads to the resilience of the company in the medium to long term, the involvement of corporate stakeholders and access to a pool of investors sensitive to environmental, social and governance issues.

Projects with KT&Partners: ESG scoring created by ADvisory S.r.l.s.

The Sustainability Check is the analysis built on a model created in collaboration with ADvisory and reported in the KT&Partners Equity Research Report with the aim of identifying the ESG aspects considered material for the company analyzed, in order to evaluate risks and opportunities that are not typically identified and evaluated using traditional financial data, producing an overall scoring of all the most relevant ESG KPIs based on the model built by ADvisory.

ADvisory S.r.l.s. Company Profile

ADvisory S.r.l.s. is an entrepreneurial consultancy company focused on Corporate Governance, Sustainability and Social Responsibility, founded in 2020 by Anna Doro, a lawyer with many years’ experience gained in Italy and abroad in legal and regulatory matters, particularly in the banking and insurance sectors, as an independent member of Boards of Directors, Boards of Auditors and President of Supervisory Bodies of listed companies.

ADvisory brings together professionals with proven experience for specific projects aimed at supporting companies, both listed and private, in their process of strengthening internal governance, identifying, evaluating and reporting sustainability aspects, drafting and implementing the Sustainability Report /Non-Financial Declaration and related evolutionary plans and transformation into a “benefit corporation”, as well as preparation of sustainability communication plans.

Lawyer, Founder of ADvisory S.r.l.s.

Lawyer, Founder of ADvisory S.r.l.s.

Economist, Partner of ADvisory S.r.l.s.

Economist, Partner of ADvisory S.r.l.s.

ADvisory S.r.l.s. Business Activities

Corporate Governance

  • Analysis and choice of the appropriate Corporate Governance model
  • Strengthening the composition and functioning of corporate bodies
  • Internal board committees
  • Internal information flows
  • Articles of Association and Shareholders’ Agreements
  • Incentive Plans
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Stakeholder Management

Organizational Models 231/2001

  • Mapping of risk areas – Risk Assessment
  • Gap Analysis and remediation plans
  • Preparation and updating of the Organizational Model
  • Whistleblowing procedures
  • Ethical code, code of conduct
  • Risk Assessment and Anti-Corruption Procedures
  • Information flows to the Supervisory Body (SB)
  • Supervisory Plans for the Supervisory Body
  • Support for the activities of the Supervisory Body, secretariat and periodic reports
  • Compliance plans

Sustainability Report/Non-Financial Statement (NFS)

  • Identification of ESG materiality
  • Stakeholder Engagement – Materiality Analysis
  • ESG Assessment (ADvisory proprietary tool)
  • Impact Analysis (ADvisory proprietary tool)
  • Consultancy on EU Sustainability legislation – European Taxonomy
  • Implementation of Sustainability Governance
  • Drafting and updating of the Sustainability Report and the Non-Financial Statement (NFS) – Sustainability Plan
  • Technical solutions for improving Sustainability KPIs
  • Sustainability communication plans

Transformation into a benefit company – Impact Assessment

  • Support to the company in the strategy for transformation into a Benefit Corporation
  • Identification of objectives of common benefit
  • Internal focus group and stakeholder engagement
  • Identification of the Impact Manager
  • Identification of the impact assessment methodology
  • Support in setting up and drafting the Impact Report

Completed Projects