Investment Banking

KT&Partners assists companies and their partners in their future development through the structuring of extraordinary finance transactions: we always start by listening to entrepreneurs, finding out about their needs and wishes so we can guide them in identifying the most appropriate type of extraordinary finance transaction and its operational execution.


We support companies interested in undertaking the listing process on the stock exchange and provide consultancy in all the preliminary and operational phases, including the following activities:

Verification of the feasibility (IPO Company Assessment):

  • Identification of the gaps with respect to the requirements for the listing and any action plan for any necessary adjustments
  • Definition of key elements to support the Equity Story
  • Business plan sharing
  • Evaluation benchmarking of listed peers (Comps)
  • Verification of the IPO feasibility

Constant assistance in all phases of the IPO process:

  • Support in the drafting of the Equity Story and in the preparation of the Management Presentation and Business Plan, as well as in the definition of the preliminary evaluation range
  • Selection of the Global Coordinator (Beauty Contest) and of the team of consultants, definition of the timing of the operation, progress management
  • Coordination and supervision of the IPO team, drafting of marketing documentation and support in meetings about pricing and allocation with potential investors

M&A Deals

KT&Partners supports companies interested in mergers, acquisitions, other strategic financial transactions and investment decisions with a consultancy that includes the following activities:

M&A sell side

  • Business Plan preparation / review
  • Preparation of a Teaser and an Information Memorandum
  • Definition of the Equity Story
  • Indication of the preliminary evaluation range
  • Research and selection of potential industrial or financial partners
  • Negotiation of preliminary offers
  • Management of the due diligence process and data room
  • Assistance in the entire negotiation process up to the closing of the operation

M&A buy side

  • Identification of the strategic objectives of the initiative and of the target profiles
  • Scouting of market targets and initiation of preliminary contacts
  • Indication of a preliminary evaluation range
  • Management of the due diligence process and data room
  • Assistance in the entire negotiation process (binding offers and related contractual documents)

IPO Equity Research

KT&Partners assists companies that have already started a listing process with the publication of an Equity Research Report to be used in the marketing process.

  • Participation in the presentation of the company to financial analysts (Analyst Presentation) to provide data and information to be used for the preparation of the financial analysis for IPO (IPO Equity Research)
  • Publication of the IPO Equity Research and sending it to selected institutional and professional investors
  • Participation of our financial analyst in marketing activities through video calls and meetings with potential investors

Debt Advisory

KT&Partners assists companies in identifying the most suitable debt financial instruments for business development needs (also convertible bonds), with advice that includes the following activities:

Preparatory activities

  • Drafting/revision of the Business Plan to verify the debt sustainability
  • Analysis of funding sources and identification of the most appropriate debt transaction structure (also convertibles)
  • Preparation of the Teaser and Information Memorandum
  • Identification of funding partners and support in all phases of the process
  • Search for financial investors (direct or through the Arranger)
  • Assistance in the debt issuance process and coordination of all the consultants involved

Operations carried out